Aquatic Food Web Ecology Lab, Dalhousie University

Research in the Aquatic Food Web Ecology Lab based at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, focuses on the consequences of biodiversity loss to the functioning and stability of aquatic food webs. All of our work is done in a food web context, which means that its not just the numbers of species that we are interested in, but also the structure of the food webs in which those species are embedded. Most of our work is done in aquatic microcosms, small container ecosystems in which we can assemble food webs and then subject them to various types of disturbance regimes . We also use mathematical models to run "in silico" experiments, otherwise known as computer simulations, to study problems that are too complex or just not possible to conduct in natural systems.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Talks and kudos at the 2010 Lett Conference

Congrats are definitely in order for M.Sc. student Veronik Campbell who captured the best talk prize at the master's level at the 2010 Lett Symposium, a conference organized by graduate biology students at Dalhousie for her talk "Dynamics of populations on the edge of extinction".She, along with Constance Tuck, will also be presenting at the 2010 CSEE conference in Laval.Connie's talk "Robustness of Ecological Communities to Environmental Warming" also received very high praise and will also be presented at CSEE this year.

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